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Attractions - The Wines
“Languedoc - Roussillon, the oldest and largest vine yard in the world, is developing tourism around its wine growing sector. Travel the wine growing areas of the Rhone Valley, Languedoc, Corbiéres, Minervois, Roussillon and so many other names that are just as meaningful to lovers of fine wines; discover and enjoy these nectars with those who make them.”
Pouzolles wine producers run occasional events to promote their wines, sometimes with music and food.

The Teisserenc family at Domaine de l'Arjolle in Pouzolles have been producing their current wine range since 1978. They produce a wonderful variety of wines including France's only Zinfandel. You can find out about the wines through the annual 'balade vigneron' a fabulous opportunity to discover these wines paired with the appropriate food. The walk is a delightful two kilometre walk taking you through the gardens of the Chateau de Margon, through the vineyards finishing at the barrel cellar at Pouzolles.

At the Domaine de St Preignan, the Pastor family have created an impressive range of gold medal winning wines. Just a few minutes from La Couronne you will be delighted by what you find.

Jaques and Romain Freysinnet and the production team at Moulin de Lene continues over a century of dedicated wine production.
Established on the remains of a Roman aqueduct, this domaine boasts a fine range of reds, whites and rose. Located just five minutes from La Couronne, the tasting vault is open Monday to Friday 10am-12pm and 2pm-6pm year round.